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Small Business Accounting Services-The Pros and Cons

 Maintaining proper accounts records is an essential thing in business today. It helps in smooth functioning of the business as a business owner gets to know and monitor the expenditure and profits. Accounting is also a key aspect in decision making. Accounting services is a necessity in all business regardless of the size. Small business accounting services are said to be burdensome by some business owners yet they are very important. An owner should have the knowledge required for small business accounting services to thrive in the market.

The Pros

  • Employee performance Monitoring.

By use of financial services,a small business owner can know how the employees are performing. Forexample, if the financial statements are registering poor sales then it means the sales person might not be working hard enough or the persons in the marketing department are not performing well.

  • Requirement for loans.

Financial institutions like banks will never give a small business loans without the financial records.From the records, the bank can know if the business is credit worthy and the chances that the business will pay back the money on time with the projected interest. For this purpose, accounting services are considered very important.

  • Requirement by investors.

For investors to invest in a small business there must be proof that the business will give them back their money with more profits. A business with no financial records is deemed unfit for the market.

  • Assessing the solvency and productivity of a business.

All stakeholders are interested in knowing the solvency of a business. The owner wants to know if his/her business can pay debts, Employees want to know if the business is able to pay them in case it undergoes tremendous losses. The investors want to know if their investment is payable in case of losses.

The productivity of a business is also a key concern to the major stakeholders and can only be identified by conducting accounting services.

  • Decision making.

The management and big authorities in a business require financial transactions from financial reports which are generated by accounting services to make major decisions. These decisions could include whether or not to higher more employees, if to increase advertising, whether to outsource services or increase machining etcetera. It allows the management to make mature decisions on the business’s finances.


The Cons

Accounting services is very expensive to a small business because they may be required to hire an accountant or outsource the services.

  • There is no guarantee against mistakes andlosses.

Accounting services does not guarantee perfect accounts because the operators are human who are generally prone to mistakes. In addition, having an accountant doesn’t guarantee you will not have losses.

Sometimes accountants and accounting service providers attempt to steal from a company especially when the owner is not keen enough. For this reason, the owner should regularly check financial statements and ask questions when need arises. Learn more.

In conclusion

According to Canadian business news there is a constant growth of small business since 2005 however such business are normally quick to close because they lack proper financial records and resources. It’s advisable to check your finances as your business grows if you intend to stay in business.