Top 10 Tips to Create the Best Business Card

We are now working in a digital age where using devices for just about everything seems to be the norm rather than the exception. Paperless offices are now a realistic goal. However one thing that the digital format will not replace completely is the old school business card. A good entrepreneur always has a pocket full of business cards.

Here are our top 10 tips to create the best business card:

A poorly designed business card can make you look like an inexperienced business person or worse give you a bad reputation even if the other person doesn’t know much about your company. Creating a business card that makes your business look unique and helps elevate the stature of your company can bring in new clients and help you grow like you have always wanted to.

Use principles of design

Creativity is essential but knowing the basic principles of paper based designing is essential before you set out to create your ideal business card.

  • Your text should be at least 5mm from the edge of the card
  • Use a 300dpi for good image clarity
  • Use a good size font to ensure your text can be read easily
  • Ensure you have a good alignment and that your card is pleasing to the eye


Be creative

The business card may be tiny but remember that it is your canvas and you can get as creative as you like. Stick to a standard size for easy availability and storage. Start by writing down the information you wish to include in your business card. Typical information usually includes a name, company’s name, phone number and email address. Include any other information that is relevant to your industry or specific business and then work on the design of the card.

Avoid making common design mistakes

Knowing the dimensions of your card before creating it is very important to avoid making design errors. Avoid using a straight border around the card since it can amplify any cutting mistakes or any misalignment.

Use special finishes

Different printing companies offer different types of finishes. Find one that suits the design of your card and don’t be afraid to shop around till you find the perfect one. While special finishes like metallic ink and foil finishes can make your card more expensive, they can make it unique and memorable to a reader.

Use cutting techniques to create an interesting card.

You could opt to use a die-cut process to remove shapes from the card leaving a void or cut out a shape of the card itself. Printing companies now offer laser cutting options that can be very interesting and can help create unique cards. Ask for similar work they have done before and ensure you see a sample before ordering an entire batch of cards.

Use innovative materials

Card stock need not be the only thing that a business card is made of. Use unusual materials and design elements in your card. A jute company can create a jute business card while a plastic card is suited for a company in the plastic and polymer business.

Make it useful

Having a multipurpose card can be a great way to get people to actually use the card. Examples for this include a card that can be used as a phone stand or a plastic business card that can double up as a coaster.

Create your own

You can create your own business cards without having to spend a ton of money on it by using D.I.Y ideas from the internet and incorporating your design ideas onto the card using letterpress kits.


Old cards can be recycled to create a new batch of business cards that can steal the limelight. Getting some colorfully designed stickers printed and pasting them onto old cards can be one way of recycling while handcrafting each card by drawing on it and writing text in freehand can be another way.

Check before you print

Always read your text twice before you send it off for printing and get another pair of eyes to look for any typos that you may have missed. The last thing you want is a spelling error on your business card.